Integrated Security and Automation

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Enabling Internet of Things

We offer IOT portal, hardware and software modules to develop consumer applications fast.

Providing In Vehicle Monitoring System

We provide managed service to moniter and locate vehicles.

Streaming HD video from

We combine multiple 4G modems to bring live HD video from an incident.

Sending Live video stream

Our mobile camera kit can record and transmit IP video streams over WiMax links.

Viewing Live and recorded video footage

We can set up a portable control room using relay client kit.

IOT Portal

Internet of Things Portal

IVMS Portal

IVMS Portal

We improve

Productivity, Efficiency and Accuracy of your Business Process

More than 50% of energy we produce is wasted due to unchecked inefficiencies buried within a process. Internet of things offers network connectivity and processing power to electronic devices which can reduce energy consumption and limit wastage by generating automatic alerts, and controlling field operations.By using smart sensors and software applications, IOT devices can connect people and things over the internet. Data is collected, exchanged, recorded, and analysed to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity of a process with minimal human intervention.

It is estimated that by 2020, IOT network will consist of as much as 50 billion devices.

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We offer custom solutions for security and automation