Automation Products and Solutions

SciFlair has developed an IoT development system which unifies multiple communication technologies and makes it extremely easy to develop an IOT product and solutions.

You can switch OFF unused air conditioners and lights to reduce electricity bills using battery powered precise motion sensors equipped with radio mesh technology.  

We are developer of a dual sim advanced tracker device for vehicles to monitor and display real time location and speed information on a web based electronic map application.

By using our Street Light Feeder Management System, you can control street lights and get failure notifications in real time. You can remotely implement various lighting policies to reduce electricity consumption.

Our water control system saves water and cuts wastage by automatically controlling pumps at distant locations while monitoring water levels in the reservoir tanks.

SciFlair battery powered automatic water meter reading system can be connected using WiFi, GSM, Ethernet, Mesh, LoRa or SigFox technology. You can retrofit an existing meter and turn it into a smart meter.

We have developed a fuel tanker tracking system which monitors transportation of fuel from depot to the pumps with electronic dual verification capability at the delivery point.

We have developed a battery powered parking sensor to find the availability of parking slots. This information is available to the motorists online.

SciFlair Air Quality Monitor measures nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone(O3), particulate matter (PM 0.5, 1, 2.5, 4, 10), temperature and humidity levels.