We design and manufacture portable kits for rapid deployment. Our kits are built to specific requirements of law enforcement organisations and emergency services. These kits are equipped with audio, video and data communications systems connected to the central headquarters.

Our design covers wide range of operational scenarios and offer similar capability to that available in command vehicles. A portable kit can be deployed independently or it can be part of a larger deployment involving command vehicles. Multiple kits can be networked using integrated wireless units
to control, record, playback and distribute audio video streams to
distant locations. The purpose built kits are powered with portable battery units and contain portable 
pneumatic mast to establish communication links.

Key Features

• Reliable and field proven
• Self contained and rapidly deployable without specialist knowledge.
• Equipped with Camera, PC and Phone.
• Integrated 5GHz wireless link
• Industrial grade touch screen for PTZ control
• SciFlair Video Management Software (SVMS) 
• Dual Powered 220V AC or 12V DC (Portable battery for up to 8 hours). 
• Built in WiFi access point to distribute video streams in the close vicinity
• Chat client to connect to surrounding kits
• Military graded connectors for rigorous repetitive mating.

Technical Documentation
Portable Surveillance Kits