SciFlair Video Management Software (SVMS) is developed to manage large number of IP video streams coming from Micowave, WiMax, WiFi, Satellite, GSM, Ethernet  and Fibre channels.

SVMS offers a human centric and simple graphical user interface to interact with number of software modules which perform the task of video storage, stream distribution, decoding, PTZ control, import export and many other associated functions. Depending upon the scale of installation, each module can be installed on a separate server or many can be combined to suit specific needs.

SVMS is developed such that it is equally applicable to offer offline video management on primary sites using portable processing servers. It can be deployed on a fixed, mobile and portable infrastructure.

SVMS accepts ONVIF compliant cameras as well as legacy units which can be integrated to offer seamless interaction. SciFlair Axino IOT modules can be added to the system to implement more advanced features like asset tracking, remote power control and wireless integration. 

Key Features

  • Highly scalable and modular architecture.
  • Based on off the shelf server hardware
  • Grow as you need flexibility
  • Suitable for fixed, mobile and portable installations.
  • Simple graphical user interface
  • Online and offline storage functions.
  • Live and recorded stream distribution.
  • Role based user management.
  • IP based passive stream relay.
  • Video stream search with import and export
  • Extended camera controls in addition to ONVIF PTZ controls.
  • Analogue and legacy camera integration.
  • Reliable and field proven on different transmission channels.
  • IOT integration option for asset tracking and remote power control on the map.
  • Control room design and integration.
  • Multilevel logs and activity monitoring.
Video Management System
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