Many large scale projects involve tens and hundreds of infrastructure elements. In case of specialist equipment, which needs to be maintained for number of years, inspection and maintenance become a challenging task. The situation becomes more critical when members of the service and support team or users of the equipment change over time. Paper inspection and maintenance reports do not convey the level of intrinsic details and status history of equipment needed to upkeep the equipment in an efficient manner.

SciFlair Equipment Inspection Logger (SEIL) has been developed to keep the equipment status online and made it accessible at all times through a web based application. SEIL consists of a centralized database software and a mobile app installed on smart phones of the service and support team. During an inspection or maintenance call, the service and support team could upload photos, write notes, record audio video footage about a specific unit and enusre that it is safe for any future reference. The mobile app also allows access to user manuals and any instructions that is left previously by the team member about the history of the specific unit.

SEIL offers instant audit of the field equipment and when integrated with Axino IOT parts could also show equipment location, last usage, frequency of usage and its fit for use status.

Key Features

  • Instant equipment status.
  • Inspection and maintenance history.
  • Online user manuals.
  • Audio, video and data logs.
  • Web based application.
  • Equipment audit trail.
  • Instant issue logging and action timestamp.
  • Option to integrate with Axino IOT.
Equipment Inspection Logger