Practical installations of distant CCTV camera nodes need remote power management and connection to multi-sectored wireless units.

SciFlair has developed a self contained outdoor CCTV node control system which is able to power a heavy duty outdoor pan tilt camera and three wireless units installed on a high tower. A utility software installed at a central control room communicates with the node control unit over the IP link.

The purpose built hardware uses Axino IOT SM01 module for communication and has built in short circuit protection. An IP67 Aluminium enclosure and rugged outdoor cables offer adequate protection against dust and water ingress. Custom built powder coated brackets enable mounting of pan tilt camera, wireless units and node control unit on slanted towers.

Ability to switch OFF unused connected units extends equipment life and reduces radio co-channel interference when multiple wireless units are installed.

Key Features

  • Purpose built hardware.
  • Field proven and ruggedized.
  • Mains powered unit with short circuit protection. 
  • Ability to power heavy duty PTZ camera.
  • Ability to power three wireless units using POE.
  • Remote power ON/OFF over the software.
  • Rugged network and power cables of length up to 70m.
  • Option to connect to SciFlair Equipment Inspection Logger.
  • Optional bracket on slanting tower.  
  • IP67 Enclosure and glands.
CCTV Node Control System
Axino IOT SM01 Series Modules