Finding parking space in a busy area needs motorists to trawl streets for an average of 10 minutes or more. This builds up congestion and increases air pollution.

SciFlair has developed a battery powered parking sensor which can be bolted to the ground in the center of a parking slot. It detects the absence and presence of a vehicle parked above it. The parking availability is uploaded to the cloud where it can be accessed by motorists through a mobile app which provides direct route to the nearest available slot on a map.

SciFlair Parking Occupancy Sensor is battery powered with a life of more than 5 years, depending upon the usage frequency. It is based on Axino IOT and has a choice of connection from Mesh, LoRa and SigFox technologies. To prevent false detection, dual verification sensing is implemented. The parking sensor unit is IP66 compliant and able to bear the weight of a vehicle without damaging the inside electronics.

Key Features

  • Battery powered with an average life more than 5 years*
  • Choice to use Mesh, LoRa and SigFox for connectivity.
  • Real time parking slot availability detection.
  • Dual sensor verification.
  • Battery status alert.
  • Tampering alert.
  • Enclosed in IP66 rated protective housing.
  • Based on Axino IOT.

* depending upon the usage frequency.

Parking Occupancy Sensor