As part of Sciflair Video Management System (SVMS), we offer design and installation of multiscreen video control room. 

The unique feature of our video control room is its low cost and flexibility. We are able to build it with off the shelf commonly available screens and processing hardware.

Each screen is able to display up to six HD video streams decoded by GPU enabled hardware which can be placed in a separate server room. The modular wall mounting system allows any size of screen to be installed in any orientation with High-end aesthetic quality.

The display client software allows remote operation of video streams relayed from remote sources.

Key Features

  • Economical and Flexible Design.
  • GPU powered hardware.
  • 6 simultaneous HD video stream decoding and display.
  • Installed according to the room size.
  • Modular system for any off the shelf screens.
  • Suitable for VESA and non VESA mounting.
  • High-end aesthetic quality.
  • Remote configuration using SVMS software.
  • Power ON autorun system
SciFlair CCTV Control Room Layout
CCTV Control Room