Integrated GPS Tracking

Electric Bolt Locking

Dual Card Opening

Zone Verification


Our Fuel Tanker Tracking System integrates SciFlair In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) with electric bolt locks and dual access control system. The S100 tracker hardware sends real time location and speed information of fuel tanker to a web based map application over the cloud. It controls and monitors fuel loading and unloading process and prevent fuel thefts on the way.

The electric bolt locks, which are controlled electronically, are used to secure both top and bottom loading components. The dual card access system along with Geo fencing allows two-witness fuel loading and unloading from the fuel tanker at the designated locations. Real time event reporting and alerts can be set to show tanker location, abnormal route diversion and stoppage points on the map with date and time stamps to resolve an discrepancies in the delivery process.

Fuel Tanker Tracking System
S100 Tracker