We design and equip emergency response vehicles with latest technology and facilitate their conversion process. The specialist vehicles are built to fulfill specific requirements of law enforcement organisations and emergency services. These vehicles are equipped with latest audio, video and data communications systems connected to the headquarters.

Our design meet wide range of operational scenarios. At an incident location, a converted vehicle can be deployed as an independent operational unit or as part of a command and control fleet. The purpose built work area can accommodate an operator team of three to five people along with on board generator, networking rack, pneumatic masts, air conditioner and portable equipment kits. 

Key Features

Typical Vehicle:

  • 5,000 Kg Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 515 CDI KA 4×4 or similar
  • Converted unladen weight of 4,514 Kg
  • Converted dimensions of (L)7.3 x (W)2.0 x (H)2.


  • Main Operator Vehicle (MOPV)
  • Retransmission (RETXV)
  • Transcriber (TRANSV)
  • Photography (PHOTOV)
  • Communications (COMMV)


  • Jany and fold-up seats

IT Equipment:

  • All-in-one PC, Laptop or iMac
  • 32” HD LED screens
  • IP telephones and PTZ keyboard
  • Power and network sockets
  • Operator Workstations


  • Audio Management Software
  • Video Management Software

Mast Mounted Equipment:

  • Bosch IP MIC camera
  • Thermal IP camera
  • Long zoom low light camera
  • Radio transmission links

Power & Electrics:

  • 12V DC and 230V AC power with
    isolation switches
  • 7.0KVA low noise generator
  • 16A and 32A auto eject land line
    charging and 32A output
  • Auxiliary batteries with engine or
    land line charging
  • 3KW inverter charger and battery
    status monitoring
  • Front jump start connector
  • AC/DC switch and fuse panel
  • TETRA handset battery charge

Network Rack Equipment:

  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • External 32” HD LED screens and speakers
  • Mast Interface (MI) control unit
  • Gb/s network switch and router
  • Audio video recording
  • Printer and paper shredder
  • IP PABX, GSM and WiFi Access
  • TETRA digital radio
  • GPS/GSM/TETRA/WiFi antenna
  • Satellite system and DVD player
  • Lockable draw

Vehicle Equipment:

  • Stabilising legs with drive
    off warning
  • 2 x 6m/10m/15m pneumatic
    masts and air-compressor
  • Emergency warning with
    dashboard indicators
  • Heating, ventilation and
  • Reversing and door cameras
    with displays
  • External scene lights, blue and
    white internal lighting
  • Safety equipment
  • Emergency hatch, torch and
    access ladder
  • Window tinting, awning and
    electric entrance step
  • Anti-static and anti-slip floor
  • Sound and heat insulation

Portable Equipment Storage:

  • Mobile Camera Kit
  • Portable Battery
  • Pneumatic masts
  • Fibre and CAT6 drums
Command and Control Vehicles